SimpleCrpyotCenter is a visual Integrated Development Environment which enables users to develop and test cryptographic functions or to develop automatic treatments which can be executed in command mode.

Easy to use, SimpleCryptoCenter manages cryptographic projects by using internal modules, and can be extended by adding external templates as c# or javascript scripts.


SimpleCryptoCenter is a rich application:

  • GUI application.
  • isual Development by using groupable modules and linked by links.
  • Multiple Projects Management.
  • Can be executed in Run mode.
  • Can be executed in debug mode with breaking points and step by step.
  • Tail and level Management.
  • Docx and Pdf Reports Generation.
  • Results can be displayed in Results window, module by module or in report mode.
  • Input/Output ManagementModules: Files, Data, Web Clients, Strings Manipulation, ...
  • .net Interface Cryptographic Modules: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Hash Functions, Certificates and Pfx.
  • Pkcs11 Interface Modules: Sessions Management, Login, Objects, Algorithms.
  • Openssl Interface Modules: Object Management, Algorithms,
  • PKCS7 Security Envelops : Signed, Enveloped, Digested,... .
  • Xml Security Envelops: Xml/Dsig, Xml/Enc, C14N Canonisation.
  • PC/SC Interface for smart cards.
  • Logical Functions Logiques: And, Xor, Or, ....
  • Formats Coding/Decoding.
  • Binary and Text Statistics.
  • Tools: Asn1 Parser, JavaScript and C# editors