These documents are written by Mr. Elie AOUAD, CEO & associate at EASEiT.

Mr. AOUAD is the creator of the security products of EASEiT.

Before creating Easeit Mr. AOUAD was technical manager in several companies :Mr. AOUAD was the creator of the CSC hardware security modules utilised by la POSTE, and the TSM bords used in the BNT in the payment authorisation centers . (CSC, TSM et BNT are BULL Ingénierie products).

Mr. AOUAD managed also the security task in the IACIS European project.

Birthdays Attack
Cryptography and Alphabets
Analysis and Attacks against security tokens (french)
How to define the beginning of private keys for some particular formats (french)?
Analyse statistique sur les incidents de personnalisation des cartes ETEBAC5 (french).
Smart Cards Readers behaviour in Citrix environment (french).

Certificat Racine

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