Welcome to Easeit

EDI and e-business Security

EASEiT is a leading software company in the EDI and e-business security domain. EASEIT has built a range of information security products that meets the main international standards :

  • Invoices Signature AECOC),
  • Cryptographic Visual Development,
  • X509 and Xml Security,
  • Secured Files Transfers.


Internet of Things

Easeit provides its expertise to assist you in your IOT projects:

  • Models Realization
  • Arduino, Raspberry, ...
  • Cloud Connexion,
  • Ecosystems.

Training and Services

EASEIT and its subsidiary ALONOR Consulting provide consulting and custom development in the fields of telecommunications, security, Cloud, IOT, medical:

  • Trainings ans Conferences,
  • Support for response to tenders ,
  • Support for the deployment of networks,
  • Study of the needs of the security of information system,
  • Audits,
  • Development and Servers Evolution ...