EASEIT and its subsidiary ALONOR Consulting provide consultancy & developments in the fields of security, telecommunications & EDI.

  • Interventions in Cloud and IOT
  • Medical and Banking servers development
  • Elaborating RFP & Analyzing answers for banking project
  • Stock Exchange Networks Projects Management
  • Analyzing Security User Requirements
  • Auditing Security Products
  • Expertising Security Devices
  • Securizing file transfers between Internet server & back-office
  • Logical Security Training
  • Developing smart cards applications: Pre-Paid cards & vehicules identity cards
  • Training & Conferences


  • Projects Management.
  • IT architectures
  • Monetics: Autorisations, Bank Security, Key Escrow, Certifications, RSS
  • Logical Security : ISO9735, ISO7498-2, DES, RSA, SHAx, DSA, MDC, RIPEMD, Security Processors ,Smart Cards, SSL, Edifact Security, Internet Security, PKI, PKCS
  • Telecommunications: SwiftNet, TCP/IP, X400, X500, ISO, DCE, Edifact, Web, Internet, Medical networks.
  • RS/6000, Sun, PC, Unix, OS2, Windows, C++, C, Java, XML, HTML, Pascal, Assembleur, VB, .NET, C#, php
  • Cloud Components
  • IOT